Signing off, Mark immediately started working on it to finally give the empire a chance against this
hellish race. Thankfully, the start of the changes were more than half way through the program though, it was
still going to take time to wade through the rest of the billions of lines of code. Plus the fact that his comp
hunted out each specific line he needed to change, would help to speed things up. Nissie and Sam tried to stay
away from him they hadn't seen this worked up and driving his self this hard in years, finally though after 2
days non stop they finally went in to check on him.
Sam walked up behind Mark and let out a gasp, "the eradicator? Mark are you trying to destroy all life? First
the anti-matter, now the eradicator? The most dangerous program ever written and you want to use it against the
Styrox! Again I have to tell you brother you've lost you're fucking mind! "
"No Sam, I'm using my head. I've been rewriting this for years, I used a variation of it against Tantka 6 years
ago and you saw how effective it was. "Mark replied
Sam stood there with her arms crossed over her now ample chest, a look of pure disbelief on her face.
"Mark, that was a variation, not the whole damn thing! Damn it man! I want to see Catrina grown not a casualty
of this damn war or that fucking program! "
Sam's face was almost blood red when Mark stopped and turned to look up at her face, yes he couldn't blame her
for doubting the program but he'd devoted years into fixing it. Shaking his head a million thoughts flew
through his head as he tried to find a way to answer her. Looking over at Nissie he could see that she was also
worried, damn did they have that little faith in him?
"Sam, Nissie, I have spent every moment I can rewriting this, given all the facts about the Styrox this is the
only way. If we don't stop them soon they will reach the more populated planets, once they feed they'll start
to reproduce, then we'll never get rid of them. "Mark replied though he couldn't keep the worry out of his
voice. Against Tantka he'd only used the first half of the program that had been easy, now with the whole damn
thing there were way to many factors that could go wrong. Shit he was glad he'd already had the key words
written for the changes.



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